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For quick and accurate UTI diagnosis and personalized antibiotic options designed to resolve your infection.


Resolve mdx is featured on UTI patient advocacy site Live UTI Free. Read more about Resolve mdx here!

Are you experiencing UTI symptoms?​

Get fast, directed treatment with Resolve mdx, an advanced UTI test. Resolve mdx uses PCR technology to pinpoint what is causing the infection, and it identifies personalized antibiotic options to clear it up.

Resolve mdx provides you and your doctor with:

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Results within 24-48 hours for quicker UTI relief/resolution

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Specific cause(s) of infection identified, even when more than one organism is causing the infection

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Actionable and easy to understand report allows your doctor to make informed treatment decisions

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Personalized oral antibiotic options to better address your specific infection

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Antibiotic Stewardship. Nearly 50% of prescribed patients are prescribed the wrong antibiotic


Who should use the Resolve mdx test?

This UTI test has been developed especially for patients who have been suffering from recurrent, persistent, and complicated UTIs.

How does the Resolve mdx test work?

Resolve mdx uses PCR technology to identify the organisms and resistance genes that are present in your urine sample. Then, using a proprietary method, we run tests to identify which antimicrobials will work against those organisms.

How quickly will I get the results from my Resolve mdx test?

Mdxhealth reports test results to your doctor within 24-48 hours.

What information will my doctor get about my results?

Resolve mdx test results are presented in an easy-to-read report. The report includes:

  • Organisms that are causing your infection
  • Antibiotic resistance genes detected
  • Personalized antibiotic options to address your specific infection

Resolve mdx Patient Brochure

Information and Terminology to Prepare You for a Discussion with Your Urologist

Uropathogen – a germ, or microorganism, that can cause disease of the urinary tract. A uropathogen can be a bacteria, fungus, or virus.

Resistance genes – microorganisms, including uropathogens, can develop defense strategies against antibiotics. When two microorganisms come in contact, they can pass along DNA segments that contain antibiotic-resistant patterns.

Antibiotic resistance – when a prescribed antibiotic is not effective enough to kill all bacteria, the surviving bacteria become resistant to that treatment, and they can pass these copies of resistance genes to other bacteria. Because bacteria multiply rapidly, this can quickly increase antibiotic resistance.

Talk to your doctor to see if Resolve mdx is right for you. 

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